maanantai 31. toukokuuta 2010

Club Telemark @ Kuudes Linja 27|05|10


first gig is over and it was so so so great to play in Kuudes Linja. It went quite good and we were happy about it! Of course we had a terrible fight before gig but hey... There´s always some (too much) adrenaline in the air before gigs. And tough boys don´t cry, they fight. And listen to Pet Shop Boys :) But anyway after gig we were one big WOTE-family hugging each other. It was nice to see some familiar faces which we haven´t met in long times. Thanks for everybody who came to see us.

And huge thanks for Big Wave Riders & The Friend that we were able to share the stage with you. You both sounded really good!!

Here are some pixs (Shot by Maria V):