keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011

EP meeting


well... Updating this blog hasn´t been so frequent hahaha! We are starting to record our debut EP at middle of April with Julius Mauranen a.k.a Juppu. Juppu is a great producer and we are so exciting to work with him.

Yesterday we had first pre-record session in our training slot.

Boys are thinking arrangements


Simo trying new chords

Juppu and Mac book on fire

maanantai 31. toukokuuta 2010

Club Telemark @ Kuudes Linja 27|05|10


first gig is over and it was so so so great to play in Kuudes Linja. It went quite good and we were happy about it! Of course we had a terrible fight before gig but hey... There´s always some (too much) adrenaline in the air before gigs. And tough boys don´t cry, they fight. And listen to Pet Shop Boys :) But anyway after gig we were one big WOTE-family hugging each other. It was nice to see some familiar faces which we haven´t met in long times. Thanks for everybody who came to see us.

And huge thanks for Big Wave Riders & The Friend that we were able to share the stage with you. You both sounded really good!!

Here are some pixs (Shot by Maria V):

keskiviikko 28. huhtikuuta 2010

Boys, it´s rehearsing time

Ou Boy, Spring is coming and yesterday was a sunny and quite warm day in Helsinki. But we were inside and had some hot hot hot rehearsals in our training slot. As you can see George Harrison is controlling us from the wall saying "Boys, boys... That was not enough. Try some more psychedelic riffs... Boys, boys, no no. More echo boys! Okei, that was alright..."

Rände sings his heart out

Boys are jamming... I mean shoegazing!

Eero shows how to punch Bass

Simo with Jaguar. Dude looks like Sergio Pizzorno from Kasabian

Boys on fire

Tomi soloing

Bum, bum bum....

Markus gives some bang, bang, bang

Tiger from Punavuori

hmmm...... What´s happening here??

Mr. Vox himself

Tomi´s effect friends and Rände´s white Converses

lauantai 24. huhtikuuta 2010

Some "facts"...

The lead guitarist Tomi has the sounds your ears will fall in love with. He is the definite master of echos and effects, a unique piece of art. He is a perfectionist who always drives others to exceed themselves for better music. He is the pure diamond, the bands number-one leader, a noble gentleman with a sharp sense of style. Tomi is the best company in Töölö, and he never leaves anyone cold. He is the boss.

Drummer Markus captures everyones attention with his astounding drumming and energy. When Markus plays the drums, he is like a tiger released from a cage, forcing people to watch his awsome show and smile that doesn´t stop. He is a disciplined ace of all circumstances, who keeps all the players in time, a cool figure with a fashion sense and a stylist for the whole band. Markus is a drummer you don´t want to miss, the golden boy of Iso Roobertinkatu.

And the eye-catcher of our band, Rände, is our pride and glory. A man with a rough attitude from East Helsinki. You never know what´s going to happen with this guy. It´s like a rollercoaster ride. That´s what a singer should be! A pure pop-lover who has no limits. And this guy knows how to pose on the stage. His voice is like dark honey from Manchester. Some guys are born with that extra something and Rände has just that.

Hello and Welcome!

Hello music lovers!

This is a blog of the band called Waves of the Echo. We have no idea how this blogging works but we´ll learn... heh!

We have a great new lad in band. Simo is one of the coolest guys in Helsinki and he definitely knows how to play guitar. He has a really pretty white Fender Jaguar guitar and self-made guitar amp. One of the favourite bands of Simo is Suede, so Fender Jaguar is quite obvious guitar for him :)


We also got a new training slot from Iso-roobertinkatu a while ago. It´s probably the coolest street in Helsinki. It´s like Götgatan in Stockholm or Carnaby Street in London. There are coolest fashion shops, bars, hipsters... and our training slot! And next to our training slot there is Finlands best record store called Stupido-shop. I just bought Oasis´s ´Be here now´ vinyl LP from there and we had a nice chat with record store shop assistant about sound the of ´Be here now´. I would say it has the biggest sound on earth. What a great LP! Of course I bought the CD on 21th of August 1997 but I don´t listen to CDs anymore so I had to have a LP. It´s nice to have those old skool record shops still alive and kicking. Nothing beats the atmosphere of a good record store! Well... one of my favourite movies is High Fidelity :)

We are really looking forward to our first gig in Kuudes Linja. Still one month for rehearsals. Yeah! Hopefully more gigs are coming soon.

There will be two new songs and new pictures in myspace next week. See you soon....

Tomi / Waves of the Echo