keskiviikko 28. huhtikuuta 2010

Boys, it´s rehearsing time

Ou Boy, Spring is coming and yesterday was a sunny and quite warm day in Helsinki. But we were inside and had some hot hot hot rehearsals in our training slot. As you can see George Harrison is controlling us from the wall saying "Boys, boys... That was not enough. Try some more psychedelic riffs... Boys, boys, no no. More echo boys! Okei, that was alright..."

Rände sings his heart out

Boys are jamming... I mean shoegazing!

Eero shows how to punch Bass

Simo with Jaguar. Dude looks like Sergio Pizzorno from Kasabian

Boys on fire

Tomi soloing

Bum, bum bum....

Markus gives some bang, bang, bang

Tiger from Punavuori

hmmm...... What´s happening here??

Mr. Vox himself

Tomi´s effect friends and Rände´s white Converses

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