lauantai 24. huhtikuuta 2010

Some "facts"...

The lead guitarist Tomi has the sounds your ears will fall in love with. He is the definite master of echos and effects, a unique piece of art. He is a perfectionist who always drives others to exceed themselves for better music. He is the pure diamond, the bands number-one leader, a noble gentleman with a sharp sense of style. Tomi is the best company in Töölö, and he never leaves anyone cold. He is the boss.

Drummer Markus captures everyones attention with his astounding drumming and energy. When Markus plays the drums, he is like a tiger released from a cage, forcing people to watch his awsome show and smile that doesn´t stop. He is a disciplined ace of all circumstances, who keeps all the players in time, a cool figure with a fashion sense and a stylist for the whole band. Markus is a drummer you don´t want to miss, the golden boy of Iso Roobertinkatu.

And the eye-catcher of our band, Rände, is our pride and glory. A man with a rough attitude from East Helsinki. You never know what´s going to happen with this guy. It´s like a rollercoaster ride. That´s what a singer should be! A pure pop-lover who has no limits. And this guy knows how to pose on the stage. His voice is like dark honey from Manchester. Some guys are born with that extra something and Rände has just that.

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