lauantai 24. huhtikuuta 2010

Hello and Welcome!

Hello music lovers!

This is a blog of the band called Waves of the Echo. We have no idea how this blogging works but we´ll learn... heh!

We have a great new lad in band. Simo is one of the coolest guys in Helsinki and he definitely knows how to play guitar. He has a really pretty white Fender Jaguar guitar and self-made guitar amp. One of the favourite bands of Simo is Suede, so Fender Jaguar is quite obvious guitar for him :)


We also got a new training slot from Iso-roobertinkatu a while ago. It´s probably the coolest street in Helsinki. It´s like Götgatan in Stockholm or Carnaby Street in London. There are coolest fashion shops, bars, hipsters... and our training slot! And next to our training slot there is Finlands best record store called Stupido-shop. I just bought Oasis´s ´Be here now´ vinyl LP from there and we had a nice chat with record store shop assistant about sound the of ´Be here now´. I would say it has the biggest sound on earth. What a great LP! Of course I bought the CD on 21th of August 1997 but I don´t listen to CDs anymore so I had to have a LP. It´s nice to have those old skool record shops still alive and kicking. Nothing beats the atmosphere of a good record store! Well... one of my favourite movies is High Fidelity :)

We are really looking forward to our first gig in Kuudes Linja. Still one month for rehearsals. Yeah! Hopefully more gigs are coming soon.

There will be two new songs and new pictures in myspace next week. See you soon....

Tomi / Waves of the Echo

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